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Do I Need Patronscan?

Patronscan is a business essential tool that can identify individuals that may have criminal or malicious intent by scanning the individual’s government-issued identification document.

Scanning identification documents reduces the risk and is a deterrent for anti-social behavior, theft, and other crimes.

This increases staff and other visitors’ confidence in your establishment while assisting law enforcement agencies to catch those responsible for committing an offence.

Patronscan - Your Front Line

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Patronscan has created millions of trustworthy relationships while securing businesses across the globe.

The best decision we made was implementing Patronscan into our security and safety process, we saw a dramatic decrease in fights and disturbances immediately.

Chris "Sarge" Curtis

Director of the Las Vegas Downtown Rangers

Why Patronscan?

Because we are driven by continuous innovation, hyper customer care and precision ID authentication technology to fight identity fraud on the world's largest ID scanning network.

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Protecting People, Protecting Privacy

Patronscan is committed to protecting people and their privacy. It is our responsibility to protect all patron personal information. We comply with all privacy regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

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