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Operate your business safely with Patronscan's latest guest registry feature. Included in all of our packages.

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Creating safe environments

With the world relaxing stay-at-home orders, Patronscan’s Guest Registry uses contact tracing technology to help businesses re-open safely. Assure customers, and their families, that your venue is safe by taking down their information and quickly notifying individuals if they become exposed to potential healthcare risks.

Register contact information with Patronscan

Register patrons for contact tracing using high-speed scanners. Available as a kiosk, countertop or mobile app, our proven scanning technology will fit conveniently into your business.

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Stay within occupancy limits

Meet social distancing guidelines by monitoring your capacity with Patronscan. Simply scan individuals in and count them out as they leave.

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Send COVID-19 alerts

Keep your community, and business, safe through contact tracing. COVID-19 alerts notify registered customers of specific dates, times and locations of potential transmission risks.

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Available on iOS and included with Patronscan

Get in touch to get access to Patronscan’s apps. We’ll answer any of your questions and get set you up with an account that is best for your business.

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Secure, safe and private

Our mission at Patronscan his to create safe environments and trustworthy relationships. Rest assured, that data is safely secured and regulated by local privacy laws.

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Send us the following details and a representative will set you up with a Patronscan Guest Register account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information going to be used for any other type of communication?

No, the contact information collected by the guest register is solely for the purposes of contact tracing should Patronscan, or public health officer, need to notify you of a COVID-19 infection risk.

With Patronscan Complete, you may enroll a patron that provides explicit as a member of your establishment. This is separate from the guest register. You may contact these individuals with event invitations, discount offers or other promotions.

What information is collected and for what purpose?

The Patronscan Guest Register collects only your First Name, Last Name, Birthdate and provided contact information (SMS or email). These attributes are used to uniquely identify and contact patrons for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Data collected for the guest register is permanently deleted after 30 days. All personal data is held securely using Tier 3 storage facilities and advanced encryption methods.

Who has access to this data?

Contact information collected by the venue for the guest register is accessible to the venue administrators and may be requested by government agencies for the purposes of public safety.

In case of a major incident concerning public safety or health, government agencies may obtain access to a venues data, but only when an official investigation has been launched. The three conditions in which the agencies may request Patronscan information include:

1. The agency has identified its lawful authority to obtain the information.
2. The agency has indicated that the disclosure is requested for the purpose of contact tracing with regards to public health, enforcing a law in its jurisdiction, carrying out an investigation relating to the enforcement of any such law, or gathering intelligence for the purpose of enforcing any such law.
3. The agency has provided an investigation number or any other uniquely identifiable number that can be traced back to the purpose of the disclosure request.

Do you offer any special discounts?

Yes, as part of our initiative to make establishments safer, the Patronscan Guest Register mobile app is available at no charge for non-for-profit organizations. Contact us today for account access.

Is this feature included for existing Patronscan customers?

Yes, the COVID-19 Guest Register feature is included in all Patronscan subscriptions at no additional cost.

Does Patronscan adhere to privacy laws in my jurisdiction?

Patronscan makes every effort to ensure privacy compliance in all jurisdictions in which we operate. In all consultations and investigations, the Patronscan system has been found to comply with all privacy laws in their respective jurisdictions. The guest register feature is not an exception.

For our complete Patronscan privacy policy or to request a copy of your information, please visit:

Does the Patronscan Guest Register work over Wifi and cellular data?

Yes, all of our applications work over wifi and/or cellular data. Should the application lose network connection, it will store the data locally, for a limited time, until the device is able to reconnect.

Does Patronscan share or sell guest register data with third parties?

No, Patronscan does not share or sell your data to any third parties. In certain cases, Patronscan may be required to provide contact information to approved government agencies for public health and safety purposes. See above for the process government agencies must follow to request this information.

Can I download the app from the iOS App store?

The app is only available through Patronscan. Contact us today to download.

Why Patronscan?

Patronscan has the largest ID scanning network in North America with operations in Australia and the UK. We are driven by continuous innovation and hyper customer care, a combination of which has resulted in the most advanced ID authenticator in solutions that our customers love. When you choose Patronscan, you become part of our family, and as such we are committed to you and your success. To find out more how we can best serve you, please pick your industry.

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